Tail surf balance board



The most raddest of balance boards! Our balance boards are the FIRST roller boards that are designed with children & beginners in mind. Designed & made by surfers/skaters for those who just want to learn. We have been using balance boards for years and are the reason why we have such great balance, including our toddler!

Our balance boards are 100% AUSTRALIAN MADE!! 

The fish tail style board is every bit as rad as our surf balance board. If you're looking for a board to do epic tricks one the Sailfish is for you but if you prefer to work on your slow movements, yoga poses and sit on the board the Orca is perfect for you.

When you can't shred on the surf or hit the deck on your skateboard due to to the rain/cold, you can improve your skills on our balance board right in your own home. Yes these are for adults too!

Our balance boards will help you improve your balance with practice. This is great for anyone who isn't ready to start surfing/skateboarding or for the intermediate skater/surfer who wants to fine tune their skills. They also help improve your core strength - yasss to abs haha!

The MOST important benefit is it will help keep your sanity by keeping your bored kids active on those rainy days. Kids with cabin fever is a big nope for parents, so yes you could say this board is good for your mental health haha. Actually keeping active is incurably important for everyone's sanity!

Please note these are made to order and sometimes will have a 7-21 day making time before we send them. Then add shipping times. When you select priority order your order will jump to the front & be sent first. 

Recommended Age: from 1 years if strictly supervised with the small roller, 3 years for the medium roller. The 10cm and 15cm are not recommended for children or beginners.

Recommended Weight: Up to 150kg (yes that means adults can ride too)


FAQ - click on question to read answer

What cork roller do I need for my balance board?

What type of balance board do I need?

What’s the difference between the cork & wood rollers?

Sailfish dimensions 800mm x 230mm, Orca dimensions 800mm x 285mm. 

If you would like to purchase the cork rollers/wooden separately click here

Boards are made from the highest graded FSC premium pine & are hand selected to ensure the the highest integrity. Then they a placed through a hardening process to ensure strength yet still remain light for use. 


Due to timber varying your balance board may look slightly lighter or darker. The wood grain will look different with every board, which means every board is one of a kind. This is something we can't control. 


Our coloured boards will vary in colour. This is due to the stain being made to order and the boards are only made in very small batches.


The model in these photos and videos is a advanced rider and has been riding a skateboard confidently for over a year. Please learn at your over pace and follow instructions.



If you use a discount code or receive international free shipping we will cancel your order. We have given you the best price we can instead as we know that this can be a lot of money to most people. Our balance boards are priced at WHOLESALE to the public, even giving you an extra 10% is simply not possible. Offering free shipping on an item that is heavy & big is just not possible.



Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Leticia C.

I can't even express how much I Iove this balance board. Is everything I was expecting and more. The packaging, recycling, the amount of love put on every piece of the package you can feel it. Thank you rad fam for such an amazing product ☺️🏄‍♀️🤙

Thank you so much Leticia! We are so stoked you love it!

Aisling Digges
Gorgeous creation & a lot of fun!

this is a beautiful piece & so much fun to play on. Haven't had chance to use it much yet, but I can see how amazing it'll be for our family's strength & balance! (With very close supervision holding our hands - our 17mo already loves surfing on it!)

Ella Bryan
Every house hold needs one!

I love my tail surf balance board I chuck it in the car and comes with me every where. Best way to have those couple minutes we all need of mindfulness.