What Balance board do I need?

Generally, everyone at all ages (from 1 years) and skill levels can use anyone of our balance boards it’s more to do with what you want out of a board – if your wanting advice based on your skill level CLICK HERE to find out what type of roller you need as rollers dictate the level of difficulty.

Below is each of our gnarly boards and what they are best suited for but keep in mind that you can use all our all these purposes.

Surf Balance Board

This is the original, best seller and all-rounder board, if you aren’t sure what board to choose then pick this one because you can’t go wrong.

Best for: Anyone who mainly wants to focus on balancing and exercising, skateboarders wanting to practice skateboard tricks as the dimensions are close to a skateboard. Great for surfers who want to focus on their balance and technique.

Not the best for: Anyone with large feet, bigger than men’s size 11. Toes tend to hang off board. Not suited for use with our cork ball.

XL surf balance board

This board is identical to the surf balance board but is 5cm wider.

Best for: Anyone who mainly wants to focus on balancing, and those who do yoga. This board is also great for exercising. Great for surfers who want to focus on their balance and technique. People with larger feet.

Not the best for: Those who want to focus of the skateboard tricks as the width is larger than a skateboard.

Tail balance board

The Sailfish is much like the Surf balance board and the Orca is much like the XL. If you like the tail look this board is for you, choosing this board is more to do with aesthetics.

Keep in mind that neither of these boards are suited for skateboarder who what to focused on doing tricks.

3 in 1 Pro trainer

Now this is our ULITMATE board and our all-board sports training board. It is hands down the most gnarly.

This board comes with a cork ball and dome which makes it perfick for the snowboarder that wants that feeling of being on the snow but in the comfort in their own home. Epic for the surfer who wants to level up their balance and core strength to the extreme. This is even great for skateboarders.

This board is the best for those who want to incorporate it into their workout routine. Using the dome attachment is great for doing lunges, push ups, planks, squats and so much more. Check out our socials for how to videos.

This board is best suited for everyone and is what we recommend buying when buying for a family whose skills and need vary from beginner to advanced.

October 03, 2023 — Kiesh

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