Cork rollers/dome/ball


Size Guide

Important preorder info - We are currently out of stock of the 10 & 15cm rollers so we have opened preorders. Estimated time of arrival is FEBURARY 2024. If you would like to have your board sent first and get the 10cm/15cm roller later please contact us to arrange it, there will be an additional shipping charge. If you order other items with the board we will not send them till we send the 10cm/15cm rollers - please order them separately if you want them sent now. Please read our returns policy when it comes to preorders. 

Please be aware that if you live RURAL or INTERNATIONALLY that the ETA will be longer. 

Our cork rollers are the perfect roller for balancing on our balance boards or for releasing tension in sore muscles. 

Cork domes come with silicone pads that grip to our balance boards to turn the balance board a wobble board - great for wakeboard & snowboard training. You will need to attach them yourself, please refer to last photo for placement.

The intermediate is not recommend for children under 5 years. Advanced is only recommend for highly skilled teens/adults. Use at your own risk.

Made from 100% cork aka wood

Wooden rollers are solid pine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Helen D.

Great product and wonderful for supporting kids (and adults) that like to balance and challenge themselves with the different sized rollers

Leticia C.

I jumped from the 8cm to the big boy, and wow that was a big jump!! It's amazing, loving my balance board and my rollers!! Thank you guys!! :)

Shai R.

We (meaning my partner & I) loveeeee the huge roller, it’s absolutely epic to stabilise core control.

Laura M.

Es un juego muy divertido, hay que invertirle tiempo con los niños, en lo que conservan el equilibrio, pero vale la pena