Our clothing is meant to be a loose fit, so size accordingly to your child. We suggest sizing up if you are unsure because they can always grow into it. If you want to be more precise in the sizing please don't hesitate to contact us via the contact us tab or Instagram @barefootandsalty_ and we will be happy to give precise measurements.

We currently in the process of changing our sizing. When you select the item you will see it will have sizes  for example 12-18 - 1 or 12-18 - 0.  Please buy by what the size is after the dash, that is it’s true size. Another way to look at is the - is more like a = sign.

We apologise for any confusion.

0000 = 0-3 months 

000 = 3-6 months

00 = 6-9 months

0 = 9-12 months

1 = 12-18 months

2 = 18-24 months

2 = 2-3 years

3 = 3-4 years