We will not be held responsible if you fail to follow the care instructions. We strongly recommend hand washing, if you use a washing machine pleased us a delicate bag as washing machines are unpredictable. Under no circumstances should you put any of our clothing in a dryer. 



Do not tightly wring out, excessively pull the fabric or bleach. We recommend you use a gentle environmentally friendly washing detergent. Do not use washing detergents that contain whiteners/brighteners or nappy san on our coloured fabrics, this will cause the natural dye to fade. Do not use acidic soaps or detergents they will deteriorate your fabric, buttons or zippers. Acidic soaps will even deteriorate stainless steel!!!. Do not use fabric softener, it will damage your clothing fabric, buttons and zips. 

Cold hand wash knits only, under no circumstances wash in a washing machine. If you decide to machine wash (at your own risk) you MUST place it in a delicate bag & put on a delicate cycle. Do not soak for any period of time.  Do not use any harsh cleaners or stain removers. Do not tightly wring or pull. Do not bleach

We also strongly recommend you hand wash our ribbed/corduroy collection but you can place the clothing in a delicate bag and put on a delicate cycle.

Muslin can be washing in a washing machine but please use a delicate bag. 

We recommend you hang our clothes to maintain shape instead on folding away in drawers. Excluding our knits, please fold and store on shelf/drawer.