Washing and care


We will not be held responsible if you fail to follow the care instructions.



Do not tightly wring out, excessively pull the fabric or bleach. We recommend you use a gentle environmentally friendly washing detergent. Do not use washing detergents that contain whiters or nappy san on our coloured fabrics, this will cause the natural dye to fade.

Cold hand wash corduroy fabric only, under no circumstances wash in a washing machine. Corduroy will fade slightly after each wash, this is a characteristic of vintage corduroy fabric.

We also strongly recommend you hand wash our ribbed collection but you can place the clothing in a delicate bag and put on a delicate cycle. Front loaders are not recommend.

Due to the delicate nature of muslin fabric we strongly recommend you cold hand wash, washing machines will damage the fabric. Due to shipping the muslin may flatten and look dull. That’s why we recommend to wash before use for best results.  To naturally restore the beautiful muslin texture of the fabric simply wash, hang to dry. For best results dry flat, all photos we produce have clothes that have been washed and laid flat to dry. To iron, turn your iron (garment steamer is more effective) to full steam and hold close to the fabric (1 cm away) but do not touch the fabric with the iron as this will flatten the waffle shape. 

Please note that due to shipping and storage the corduroy will flatten as well. A simple wash will bring out the lush soft feeling of our corduroy back.

We recommend you hang our clothes to maintain shape instead on folding away in drawers. Excluding our knits, please fold and store on shelf/drawer.


We recommend you wash our silicone products in soapy water and allow to air dry afterwards to ensure they are hygienic. All our silicone is dishwasher (top rack) and microwave safe.