What cork roller do I need?

If you’re looking for advice on what type of balance board you need CLICK HERE.

5cm/8cm cork roller set.

If you are a beginner or buying for a child under the age of 10 who isn’t a confident surfer/skater, you will need the 5cm/8cm cork roller set.

This set is also strongly recommended for those who have mobility issues, are recovering from injury or have a disability. If you typically had bad balance or haven’t used a balance board/skateboard/surfboard/snowboard for some time start off with the 5cm/8cm set.

This is our most popular set for children and beginners.

10cm cork roller set.

This roller is perfect for the intermediate balance board user or those who can surf/skate/snowboard.  Great for children and teens who are confident in their balance. Beginner adults can most definably start with this roller, but we strongly advise against children who are beginners under the age of 5 to use the 10cm cork roller without using the beginner set first.

This is our most popular rollers for adults and children who already skate/surf /snowboard.

Big boy 15cm cork roller

This roller is for the advanced balance board user or those who have incredibly good balance.

We STRONGLY do not recommend using this board unless you have very good balance on a balance board. It is best to master the smaller rollers before you tackle this monster of a roller. Don’t not allow children under the age of 12 to use this roller unsupervised.

Only recommended for advanced/experienced rollers 

Cork dome and cork ball

This set is best used with our 3 in 1 Pro trainer balance board, the ball is supper difficult to use on our other boards. The dome can be used with all of our boards as we provide grip dots.

The dome can be used from beginners all the way to advanced but the cork ball is recommended for the advanced as it is very difficult to control under a board.

Wooden roller set 4cm/7.5cm

This set is more of a set you buy for aesthetics to have that natural look. We will always recommend our cork rollers as they are safer to use and wont damage floors. We personally prefer the cork.

This set is great for beginners and the intermediate. The wood does roll smoother and faster than the cork.

Keep in mind that the wooden rollers are 100% Australian made buy us while the cork is sustainably imported.

October 03, 2023 — Kiesh

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