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Being Barefoot & Salty is a state of being, it is a lifestyle. It is the place where you feel rejuvenated, wild, and free. When you wear Barefoot & Salty you live that feeling of the beach every day, even when your miles away.

There's only one way to be - Barefoot & Salty

Living by the name

We don't just call ourselves barefoot and salty, we live barefoot and salty. In our home being barefoot is mandatory, being addicted to the salty air is a must and chasing those waves is our life. When we aren't working hard you'll always catch us outdoors, living by the water, seeking wild adventures, chasing the sun and just laughing our days away.


The salty fam behind the brand

We love everything to do with being outdoors. There isn’t a day off where we aren’t at the beach or at the river. We absolutely do not have our lives together but if you where ever to meet us you’d think we are the chill, authentic people. Although we own a online business when you see us at the beach our phones are away and we are enjoying the surf. We love living a life of no drama, having the bare minimum & just creating memories when we aren’t working our ass’s off.

Ben, the rad dad who designs and makes the Surf balance boards the Sunshine Coast. Ben is fishing mad! I have never met a man who is so obsessed! If you ever need fishing advice he’s your man.

Aria, well if you follow us on socials you pretty much know her. She’s got a big mouth & a even bigger personality. She’s the whole inspiration for this business. Barefoot & Salty wouldn’t exist if she wasn’t here. Seriously though if something doesn’t suit her we don’t bring it out, every piece just screams a part of her wild child personality.

Then there’s me, Kiesh. I am surfing obsessed, love going for a cruise on my skateboard, I’m awkward/weird, I love banter and to have a chat (no seriously I will talk forever because you maybe the first adult female I’ve seen in days) Honestly I’m pretty average and if you want a mama friend who doesn’t give a dam about what you do, won’t judge you on your parenting style. I’m your girl. None of that judgement here.

We want to create a brand that not only is inspired by our lifestyle but the raddest threads that are worn for longer, that are passed on, not fast another fashion label.

Just a small business making big waves

Never in a million years did we think that our small Australian business would be recognised by a massive company like Australia Post. We do a lot to be as sustainable as possible and donate regularly to local charities, it’s not something we were looking to every get any praise for. We are known for being a chill, humble family who simply loves all things ocean, surfing and skating. What you see is what you get with us – real and authentic!

Yet we were nominated to Aus post for these exact reasons. People just love who we are and what we represent!

Thank you so much for your support salty fam!