We live and breathe balance boarding! If you follow us on social's you'll see that we are the real deal, not only where we the first to create a balance board designed for all ability's but you see all of us use it all the time. Not only do we use it every day for fun but we also use our balance boards for improving our balance, perfecting our skill at surfing/skating and helping us get fit. Trust us when we say these are a GNARLY workout! A skill you will have for ever and something anyone can learn regardless of age or ability.

If you don't feel like reading make sure you scroll to the bottom to check out the links to some rad YouTube vides we have made or anything we have posted on Instagram or Tiktok. Don't forget to follow us and DM us if you have questions.

Foundation tips - these are tips that are recommended regardless if your a beginner, intermediate or advanced.

  1. Start with legs shoulder width apart and knees slightly bent.
  2. Look forward not down while keeping your shoulders back. This will ensure you have a straight center of gravity. Do not progress with tricks until you have mastered these two steps without thinking about it.
  3. Always balance on a flat surface, beginners are recommend to start on carpet. 
  4. Use your arms to help you balance, its not all in your legs. Great balance requires your hips and arms.
  5. RELAX!! No really its about having fun and if you're tense you're only setting yourself to fall. It's all about the journey.

Balance board videos - Filmed and feature the whole family behind the brand

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Balance board tips - lesson for beginners/children

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3 year old on balance board

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Mum does balance board trick

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The making of our balance boards - where & when it all started

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We where the first to design a balance board for children/beginners

Trick of the day - 3 year old shows you how to do it

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