Barefoot and Salty is owned by a local Sunshine Coast surfing/skating family who have a love for the ocean, the bush and of course being barefoot. The name Barefoot and Salty is inspired by our lifestyle. Our family of 3 are known as being those weird people who walk barefoot everywhere. We live by the water and are always on the water. We crave adventure, live to be wild and just love the beach. If you ever see us in person please come say hi, we very shy and socially awkward but will always make time for fellow rad folk. We are just your average fam who love doing gnarly things.

We are the most relaxed family you'll ever meet, we're always smiling, laughing, soaking in the sun and just LOVE being outside. We never thought we'd start this business and to be honest not many other people did either, we definitely don't follow current fast fashion trends and have our own style. This is our new love and we have truly have found our passion in life.

Every design is a reflection of us, our designs are what we truly love. When you wear Barefoot & Salty you are wearing apart of us, You're wearing threads that is designed for the thrill seekers, the sun chasers and salt addicts. You're buying from real genuine people not kooks who follow fast fashion trends.

We are just your average family who loves the ocean lifestyle. When you support us, you're not paying for us to live a lush 5 star lifestyle (we say yuk to that anyways, simple life is for us), your supporting us to provide for our little girls in these tough times and to be able to spend a few extra hours a week with those we love. 

We design and source every item from our tiny two bedroom home that we call our river shack. Our balance boards are made by us in our home on the Sunshine Coast, Australia. Our balance boards are truly who we are, there isn't a day we aren't on our balance boards. Using balance boards has not only improved our balance, mobility and fitness but they also have helping us get better at surfing/skating (especially for our 4 year old). For those who do know we are actually the first to create a roller balance board that is inclusive, meaning all abilities can use it and your grom can start shredding from just one years old, talk about rad!

We hope to help put a end to fast fashion, that is why our pieces are generous sizing and look great as a loose fit or as snug fit. We also don't only stock by the season we currently are in or have end of season sales. If we love a design we keep it for a year or so, it is time to stop fast fashion.

We all love dressing up our babies, but many bands prices definitely come with a grain of salt. So that is when we decided to create Barefoot and Salty. Many people cannot afford nice clothes that last, so we set out to offer boutique style clothing at rad price. We would rather sell 10 shirts for the same profit as one, it's not about profits for us but more providing something better for those who always missed out. We both know what is is like to grow up with missing out on so much so we want to create a brand that's is affordable as possible while still being able to put food on our plates.

When you buy from us, you are getting apart of us and we love that! Every single order is packed by so so so much love because the people who are packing your order are us, the owners. 

Our clothing is ethically handmade by small family owned businesses, our products are made from a variety of countries as we believe in sharing the love & abundance. Those countries include Australia, Indonesia, and China. As we are constantly changing please contact for exact country origin of clothing, remember it doesn’t matter who makes it, it matters how it’s made, under safe and fair pay conditions. They only use high quality fabrics that are gentle for your skin. We have spent countless hours searching for the right company to make our products. Through many trial and error we choose a small and environmentally conscious businesses to make our products over a large cheaper manufacturer. 

We care for this beautiful place we call earth. We are always trying to find new ways to do our bit. That is why you will never see us use unnecessary packaging or single use items. Everything we do use has a purpose and can be reused. We are one of the few clothing brands who don't receive their clothes individually packaged in plastic bags.

We have tried and tested every piece on with the help of local families to ensure that our little wild ones are happy and comfortable.

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Come join our salty family and our ocean lifestyle

There’s only one way to be & that’s Barefoot & Salty

Kiesh, Ben and Aria - Barefoot & Salty x


hehe yes I know we aren't barefoot & salty in these photos but to get a photo of us as a family is as rare as a white peacock - we normally are in the moment and forget to get photos. So here's some old ones.