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Important preorder info - We are currently out of stock of the 5cm & 8cm rollers so we have opened preorders. Estimated time of arrival is 8th of JULY 2024. If you would like to have your board sent first and get the 5/8cm roller later please contact us to arrange it. If you order other items with the board we will not send them till we send the 5/8cm rollers - please order them separately if you want them sent now. Please read our returns policy when it comes to preorders. 

Please be aware that if you live RURAL or INTERNATIONALLY that the ETA will be longer. 

Due to high demand we have turned off priority orders so we can focus on getting everyones orders out within 14 business days.

The most raddest of balance boards! Our balance boards are the FIRST roller boards that are designed with children & beginners in mind. Designed & made by surfers/skaters for surfers/skaters or those who just want to learn. Our balance boards are 100% AUSTRALIAN MADE!! 

Unfortunely we can no longer offer our 15cm rollers in our roller board combos. This is due the the weight of these very large rollers, we have to send them separately which is the same cost as a board. If you would still like to purchase one please click here.

When you can't shred on the surf or hit the deck on your skateboard due to to the rain/cold, you can improve your skills on our balance board right in your own home. Yes these are for adults too!

Our balance boards will help you improve your balance with practice. This is great for anyone who isn't ready to start surfing/skateboarding or for the intermediate skater/surfer who wants to fine tune their skills. They also help improve your core strength - yasss to abs haha!

The MOST important benefit is it will help keep your sanity by keeping your bored kids active on those rainy days. Kids with cabin fever is a big nope for parents, so yes you could say this board is good for your mental health haha. Actually keeping active is incurably important for everyone's sanity!

Please note these are made to order and sometimes will have a 7-14 business day making time before we send them. Then add shipping times. When you select priority order your order will jump to the front & be sent first. Please click here to add priority processing to your order.

Recommended Age: from 1 years if strictly supervised with the small roller, 3 years for the medium roller. The 10cm and 15cm are not recommended for children or beginners.

Recommended Weight: Up to 150kg (yes that means adults can ride too)

FAQ - click on question to read answer

What cork roller do I need for my balance board?

What type of balance board do I need?

What’s the difference between the cork & wood rollers?

The sizing of this board is the same size as a standard adult skate board, 800x230mm - give or take 10mm as they are hand made. Want a wider balance board? Click here to checkout our XL Surf balance board.

If you would like to purchase the cork rollers/wooden separately click here

Boards are made from the highest graded FSC premium pine & are hand selected to ensure the the highest integrity. Then they a placed through a hardening process to ensure strength yet still remain light for use. 


Due to timber varying your balance board may look slightly lighter or darker. The wood grain will look different with every board, which means every board is one of a kind. This is something we can't control. 

Our coloured boards will vary in colour. This is due to the stain being made to order and the boards are only made in very small batches.

Warning: Follow usage instructions that are sent to you carefully. Riding a surf balance board, especially using the medium roll can be dangerous. Always ride it according to your ability, learning slowly is the best way to learn. Falls and injuries can occur, this is a part of learning, just like a bike. Never try tricks or moves that you are not ready for or that are above your skill set. 

If you lose your instructions just check your email inbox under 'Surf balance board instructions' as we also send you a digital copy. You can also tap this link anytime where we have included a instruction video surf balance board safety instructions


Caution: Always wear a helmet and protective gear whilst riding your surf balance board. Carefully read our safety instructions. Ride at your own risk.

Disclosure: The model in these photos and videos is a advanced rider and has been riding a skateboard confidently for over a year. Please learn at your over pace and follow instructions. 



If you use a discount code or receive international free shipping we will cancel your order. We have given you the best price we can instead as we know that this can be a lot of money to most people. Our balance boards are priced at WHOLESALE to the public, even giving you an extra 10% is simply not possible. Offering free shipping on an item that is heavy & big is just not possible.

Customer Reviews

Based on 75 reviews
Amazing board!

We absolutely love this board, such excellent quality and beautifully designed. Not sure who enjoys it more, us or the kids!

Thank you so much Lisa! We put so much love into our boards we are so thankful you love it.

Everyone LOVES this

This review is delayed as it was a Christmas present. My kids LOVE it. We had family over for Christmas and they all loved it%2C my kids had friends over and they loved it and their parents loved it. They have all asked where it was from so they could look at getting one. I got all 3 cork sizes and DEFINITELY worth it%21 High quality%21 Couldn’t be happier

Stunning Balance Board

Just had Grandson's 3rd Birthday Party and he was straight on the board! Before you knew it, the Adults were hanging out to test their Balance too!!! So much Fun and the Balance Board is so beautifully made. A guest had already heard about Barefoot & Salty and was happy to see it first hand. Might buy one for Christmas (for myself)

Eliza D.

We love the balance board. So we'll made and great fun for the kids. Also really good for learning balance. Even helping Mum get some balance back :)

Susan B.

Great customer service, quick response even though they were having a well earned break! Delivery was prompt. My little 3 year old is loving her balance board