We found a problem & fixed it!

As most people know there has been balance boards for ever but nothing just for kids & beginners that wasn’t a wobble board.

We thought how is that even possible?!? So we decided to design a new set up just for the kids & beginners. Why should they miss out?

We decided to create the FIRST balance board that was SAFE for kids, beginners & anyone with mobility issues. When we launched our roller balance board back in June 2022 there was NO other brands that sold them, we are the ORIGINALS! We are the biggest & one of the few who are Australian made.

So why aren’t they safe for young children ? Or hard to learn for beginners? It’s the roller compared length of the board. The fall risk is really high which injury can occur and take quite a bit of skill. If kids aren’t comfortable on something they aren’t going to use it, what’s the point of that? We knew straight away a 15cm roller wasn’t safe at all. Then we tested a 10cm roller with our daughter & straight up knew kids who didn’t have her balance would be at risk. Your kids and your own safety must come first, you wouldn't put your child on a two wheel bike without training wheels, would you? Like a regular board they will get hurt.

It makes sense why other brands never marketed towards children with rollers that big, it’s just not safe.

balance board

So after testing we knew a 5cm roller was perfect for learning the basics. How to tap down, wobble the board, slide side to side without a falling risk & perfect for giving confidence. We all know how important it is for children to be confident & never force them if they aren’t ready. Then we decided to do a 8cm roller this is perfect for gaining confidence without it being a massive leap. We will be selling 10cm & 15cm soon but they are only recommended for advanced rollers.

We spent over a month working on the design, sourcing amazing products from local suppliers & testing. We make these OURSELVES in with our OWN design. They aren’t simply mass produced (who knows if they are ethically made) overseas or a copied shape unlike others.

Not only did we want to create an epic product we wanted to make it as affordable as possible. We know like so many of you that a lot of things are not affordable, you may think we are well off but we just get by. Honestly if it wasn’t for the huge insurance fees we pay to manufacture these & to be insured for children they’d be cheaper. Honestly a huge portion of this board is just paying for products, fees & insurances. It’s not about the money, it’s about creating an awesome product that everyone can enjoy regardless of their ability.

When Ben (the maker of our rad boards) was testing our two rollers he realised that they are great for learning tricks. The small roller is like a training wheel for tricks our medium is the next step up without it being too hard.

Not only is our balance board great for learning on how to improve your balance it’s a great exercise tool, help you improve your surf skills & skate skills.

Seriously our balance board is hours of fun! Oh and a hardcore workout! Everyone in the family can use our board.

balance board

A huge thank you to everyone who has supported us!

It’s crazy to think we are about to sell out in our preorder! We are unbelievably busy! (I should be varnishing not writing up this post 😅)

With so much love from our salty family to yours 💛

There’s only one way to be and that’s Barefoot & Salty 🤙🌊☀️ 

October 30, 2022 — Kiesh

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