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Barefoot & Salty
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About us - the owners

Barefoot and Salty is owned by a local Sunshine Coast surfing/skating family who have a love for the ocean, the bush and of course being barefoot. The name Barefoot and Salty is inspired by our lifestyle. Our family of 3 are known as being those weird people who walk barefoot everywhere. We live by the water and are always on the water. We crave adventure, live to be wild and just love the beach. If you ever see us in person please come say hi, we very shy and socially awkward but will always make time for fellow rad folk.....


Never in a million years did we think that our small Australian business would be recognised by a massive company like Australia Post. We do a lot to be as sustainable as possible and donate regularly to local charities, it’s not something we were looking to every get any praise for. We are known for being a chill, humble family who simply loves all things ocean, surfing and skating. What you see is what you get with us – real and authentic!.............